Art, Harder than it seems..

Graffiti Art in NY [reblog]

Inspire Your Face

I came across this video titled, “Amazing Watch!” I didn’t know what it was but the thumbnail showed this really cool painting it seemed of a landscape scene. Watch for yourself what it is(it’s quite lengthy but you can watch some then skip some to see the progression of the painting)

Bam. Amazing. I was completely blown away. Who knew you can make something that incredible with spray cans. He literally did that entire painting in under 10 minutes. It takes crazy expertise and talent to make something like that. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that would be. As I was watching for videos similar to this I started thinking and I realized how large the scope of art is. It seems like there’s an infinite number of art forms and styles as well as many mediums. To list a few, mosaics, realistic drawings, cartoons and animations…

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